Services by Population

USF Library strives to create an environment that fosters academic growth for both students and faculty and to supply access points to information available in both print and online formats. Specific services developed for USF faculty include:

USF Library is committed to facilitating access to information for on campus, commuter and distance students alike. Online resources are available to all students; those accessing the resources from off campus must log in through the MyUSF portal to use the online resources.

USF Library welcomes visitors from the community and outside institutions to come use the space available and the computers within the library during all normal business hours. Collections and services have been developed with the unique needs of USF students, faculty and staff in mind but offers the following service to visitors to the library:

USF Library also welcomes former graduates of the University to take advantage of select library services. Alumni are welcome to use the computers and WiFi network within the library during all normal business hours. Alumni also qualify for limited borrowing privileges, in addition to reference services available in person, online or via phone :