Brown Library Collection Development Policy

From the Mission:

The Library strives to facilitate student, faculty and staff research by collecting, managing and providing equitable access to information resources that enrich and promote the history and teaching mission of the University of St. Francis.

Resources may be in a variety of formats to provide as much subject coverage as possible within budgetary constraints. The collection is kept current and vital through judicious replacement and weeding.

The criteria that selectors use to evaluate potential purchases are the quality of content and the fulfillment of curricular needs. Specific considerations include the following:

Print Books:

In addition to the criteria above, the following considerations are used:

Electronic Resources:

The selection criteria for electronic resources are the same as for other formats. In addition, the following considerations may apply:

Other Nonprint Materials:

The selection criteria for nonprint materials are the same as for other formats, with special emphases on the suitability of the format to the content, the quality of the production, the sustainability of the format, and the obsolescence of the equipment needed to access the format.