Patron Computer Use Policy

The USF Library is a private, institutional library which gives the utmost priority toward maintaining an environment conducive to study and research. Any user may be asked to relinquish their use of computer equipment, vacate the library premises or be completely banned from library access, if found negligent in regard to the terms of this or any University policy. Please note: This policy may change at any time.

Patron access to Library resources is a privilege that depends on individuals using the resources appropriately and in accordance with University policies, and local, state and federal laws. These laws and policies cover such areas as illegal access to computer systems, networks, files, harassment issues, and copyright. All computer users should demonstrate respect for individuals' rights to privacy and freedom from atmospheres of intimidation and harassment, or material deemed offensive by University policies and thus are prohibitive from accessing this type of material.

Patrons under the age of 18 (except registered USF students) are restricted from computer use in the USF Library at all times. In order to maintain open access to information available via the Internet, the University of St. Francis Library does not use "filtering" software commonly found in public libraries. Therefore, the use of computers by lone children is not allowed, and the university will not be held responsible for inappropriate material inadvertently or otherwise viewed by children. In the event that an unsupervised child under the age of 18 is found to be using the library computer network, the child (and/or their parents) will be asked to leave. If asking the child to leave would put his/her safety at risk, USF Security will be called and an effort will be made by them to contact the child's parent or adult guardian.

Adult family members or legal guardians of children are responsible for ensuring that children do not act in such a way as to distract other library users. In addition, they should be aware of areas within the library that are potentially dangerous such as stairwells, elevators and those areas with electronic and/or electrical equipment. Failure to control the behavior of children will result in the adult family member or adult guardian and the children being asked to leave the library. If distracting behavior continues, USF Security and/or Joliet Police may be called, and patrons may be banned from the library entirely.

Patrons are responsible for the use of their own computer logon credentials. Patrons are to not loan their computer logon credentials to others. USF will permanently restrict access to accounts held in violation of any University policies regardless of who was using a particular account at any given time.