Patron Code of Conduct

The University of St. Francis Library, hereinafter "USF Library", welcomes all patrons to use its facility, web site and physical materials. Non-compliance with the Patron Code of Conduct may result in removal from the USF Library building, and/or permanent restriction of library online and in-building resource privileges.

To ensure that all patrons and visitors are able to use USF Library resources and services effectively, all users are bound to this Patron Code of Conduct, and are required to comply with the following rules and regulations.

  1. Behavior that interferes with USF Library services and activities is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • a. Disorderly or disruptive conduct (e.g., holding loud conversations, theft, open nudity, removal of shirt/shoes)
    • b. Entering in an unauthorized area (e.g., USF Library staff offices, electrical rooms, etc.)
    • c. Unauthorized removal or attempted removal of materials (e.g. theft, failure to check-out intended borrowing materials, etc.)
    • d. Obscene, profane, or abusive language or acts consistent with those defined by the University
    • e. Possession of use of alcohol or illegal drugs
    • f. Intoxication or impairment
    • g. Mutilation, defacement or theft of USF Library property
    • h. Use of furniture, equipment and facilities in an unsafe manner
    • i. Loud sleeping, individual sleeping for more than one half hour and any form of group sleeping
    • j. Harrassing or threatening others
    • k. Selling, soliciting or mass distribution of materials
    • l. Smoking any substance of any kind
    • m. Failure to follow evacuative direction from USF Library staff or USF Security
    • n. Bringing animals in the building (except those defined as "working animals")
    • o. Using the physical facility for bathing
    • p. Dangerous bodily hygiene
    • q. Submitting erroneous and/or fictitious personal information to Library staff (e.g. fake and/or stolen IDs)
    • r. Entering the building with an illegal weapon, explosive or personally-manufactured/improvised weapons (e.g. fireworks, firearms)
    • s. Sharing of university-issued network account(s) access and/or login credentials
    • t. Unauthorized access to another patronss university-issued network account(s)
    • u. Viewing or printing sexually graphic and/or explicit materials for leisure or purposes unassigned by USF faculty
    • v. Self-mutilation and experimentation of any type
    • w. Video and/or audio recording of the activities of others
    • x. Unauthorized activities that can be described as artistic, religious and/or fund-seeking
  2. All users are expected to use computer stations in a manner that upholds the academic nature of the USF Library environment. USF Library or USF Security staff may directly ask users to leave the premises enitrely and/or exit web sites disruptive to an atmosphere suitable for study and activities in support of research. Please see the USF Library Patron Computer Use Policy for further regulations regarding computer use.
  3. All users will keep the volume of their conversations as low as practical while in the USF Library.
  4. All users will use headphones with all audio/video and computer equipment not located in the following USF Library rooms: Group Study, Viewing. All users using audio/video equipment in the aforementioned rooms will keep the doors to said rooms closed during their use.
  5. Users are expected to keep the volumes of their conversations while using their personal telephones as low as possible. Phone conversations at public computer stations and on the main level of the USF Library lasting longer than five minutes are not permitted and should be moved to the USF Library lobby or outside the building.
  6. All briefcases, handbags, luggage, packages, overcoats and shopping bags may be subject to inspection by USF Library or USF Security staff. Any misplaced personal item left unattended for more than two hours in USF Library will be subject to search, relocation in the USF Library and/or USF Security lost and found area(s), and possible removal by local, state or federal authorities.
  7. Interference with employees in the performance of their duties is prohibited at all times.

NOTICE: This document is subject to change or alternation at any time. Failure to comply with aforementioned rules and regulations will result in immediate disciplinary action from USF Library staff or USF Security possibly resulting in: a) immediate removal from the USF Library building, b) temporary or permanent banning from all USF Library resources, c) criminal and/or civil prosecution, or d) legal action. Any violation of federal, state or local law, ordinance or regulations will be immediately reported to USF Security and the Joliet Police Department.

View a printable Patron Code of Conduct.