Search Engines

The following search engines only search blogs for their results and do not include links from other kinds of webpages.

Bloglines Blogscope Blog Search Engine
Ice Rocket Technorati Blogrunner

Unlike typical search engines, searches in answer engines will not give you links that have the content you are looking for. Instead you ask questions, and the answer engines answer the questions themselves.

Mahalo Wolfram Alpha Answers
True Knowledge AskMe Help Desk

Metasearch engines are different from other search engines in that while most search engines search only through the online content they have indexed, metasearch engines search through the content that multiple other normal search engines have indexed, giving them a greater number of items to search through and retrieve. For a visual explanation of this concept, please click here.

Clusty Dogpile Excite! Ixquick Leapfish
MetaCrawler Myriad Search WebCrawler