Frequently Asked Questions

How do access the campus wireless?
All wireless devices must be configured to access the USF campus wireless network. For information on how to configure your device please see the Wireless Access page.

How do I locate course reserves?
Course reserves can be accessed through BernieCat Catalog or through the course reserves link available from the My Library menu above. You must know your course number, instructor or department to locate your course reserves.

Can I get a book if it's not at this library?
Yes, you can request a book that Brown Library does not have through I-Share or WorldCat. To request a book from I-Share, click the "Request this Item" link that appears in the item's Location tab. You will be prompted to login to your library account using your username and password. Click the "Choose Pickup Location" button that appears, select your desired library and click "Request." To request a book through WorldCat, done when there is not a copy available in I-Share, please use the Find It button as though you were requesting a journal article. Books requested through WorldCat cannot be guaranteed to be free, but you will be contacted if a charge will be incurred before the request in processed.

Where are the books with this call number located?
Items with call numbers 000.00-399.99 are available on the lower level of the library. Items with call numbers 400.00-999.99 are available on the top level. Print journals, videos, DVDs and CDs are available on the main level.

How do I locate an article with a citation?
To locate an article from a citation you can do one of the following. First to check if your article is available in print at Brown Library, search the journal title listed in the citation in BernieCat using the "Magazine/Journal Title" option in the drop down menu. The record for the journal, if it is available, will tell you the volumes available. If your volume and issue are available, you can retrieve the article from the journal stacks on the main level of Brown Library. To find an online version, use the Citation Matcher found in the eJournals list. Enter the journal title, volume, issue and page number into the appropriate fields. You will be brought to a list of access points for the article if available and can choose which to use to access the article.

How long can I borrow a book/DVD?
Borrowing privileges vary depending on affiliation status and the item being borrowed for a detailed explanation of borrowing privileges, please visit the Borrowing Privileges page.

How do I get a library card?
You can register for a library card by calling the Circulation Department at 815.740.3690. Distance students can use distance student Library Card Registration Form to obtain a library card.

Where can I park?
Parking is available in the lots on campus with a USF Parking pass. Visitors can park on the streets around USF, where permitted, or may park in the at the corners of Wilcox and Douglas. View a detailed map of USF parking lots.

Where are the book drops?
There are no drive through book drops. A walk up drop is available outside the library on the far left of the outer doors. There is also a book drop available inside the library at the Circulation Desk.

What do I need to make photocopies?
To make photocopies on the Library copier, you will need to know your MyUSF username and password. The copier will make color copies. The charge for copying will be deducted from the student's printing account, which is replenished every semester to to a total of $10.

Where is the Brown Library Archive?
Brown Library Archives are found on the upper level of the library.

Can I check books out if they are in the Archives' Special Collections?
Books and other items in the Library Archives are not available for borrowing. For more information on what is able to be borrowed at Brown Library please see the Borrowing Privileges.