ILL Policies

What is InterLibrary Loan?
Interlibrary Loan is a transaction between libraries whereby materials owned by one library are made available to another library for use by an individual. Photocopies may be substituted for loans of original materials.

Who can use ILL?
Current members of the USF community including faculty, staff and students may use this service. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service to those outside the USF community or to USF alumni. On campus students, faculty and staff may request items not held by Brown Library, up to 5 at a time, but must pick them up at the Brown Library, materials will not be mailed to on campus students. Distance students may request items, up to 5 at a time, including journals not available in full text through the databases. Books will be shipped via UPS to distance students, but check ILLINET before request a book through ILL. ILL is not available for alumni at this time.

Will materials be mailed to my home?
n general, materials will only be mailed to students and faculty who reside more than 30 miles from the Joliet campus. See the map below to determine if you are eligible for mailing. Those within the green circle should expect to come to the Joliet campus to retrieve items, unless extraordinary circumstances exist. The Brown Library will assume the cost of shipping materials to students outside of the radius, but students are responsible for return postage. Every effort will be made to provide electronic copies of article requests when available.

If you live in or near the borders of Illinois, you may specify to pick up books requested through the I-Share Catalog at any I-Share library. For example, if you live in Peoria, you may request that the item be delivered to Bradley University to be picked up there (and you can return it there too). Choosing this option will save you time and return postage.

What can be borrowed and for how long?
The policies of libraries owning the material govern lending permission and restrictions. Items which generally are not available through interlibrary loan include reference books, rare and fragile books, genealogy materials, materials difficult to package for mailing, newly published books and audiovisual materials. The University Library will not borrow a publication it owns or has on order unless it has been declared missing or is currently checked out.

Once the material arrives, the length of the loan is usually two to four weeks, but may be longer or shorter depending on the policies of the lending library. Please make sure to check the due date when you receive the item. Occasionally, a library specifies that the material is for use within our library only. Please pick up all materials promptly, as the loan period begins from the material's arrival date at the Interlibrary Loan desk as opposed to the date you pick it up.If you need to keep the material longer than the specified loan period, and you requested the item via ILLiad, notify the Interlibrary Loan Department by email or phone so the lending library may be contacted. If you requested the item via the I-Share Catalog, you may request a renewal online by logging in to My Account. Please note that some libraries do not permit renewals.

How much does it cost?
Every effort is made to obtain materials from local libraries that generally do not charge fees for borrowed publications. However, it is sometimes necessary to fill requests from libraries whose charges range from $10 to $20 for both journal articles and books. Please indicate on the interlibrary loan request form the maximum you are willing to pay. You will always be contacted in advance about possible fees. Please note that for rush requests, it may be faster to accept a charge in advance.

Lost, overdue or damaged materials
Persons not returning materials within 30 days of the due date will be billed a $10 overdue fee per item plus replacement costs. The replacement costs will be canceled if a book is returned or renewed; only the overdue fee will be assessed. All borrowers with overdue materials or outstanding library charges may be denied borrowing and/or library privileges by the University Library. Failure to receive an overdue notice, for whatever reason, does not remove this responsibility.

Once material is picked up from the Interlibrary Loan desk, you are responsible for the care of that material until it returned. Many materials received through interlibrary loan are fragile. Please handle them with care. If the material is damaged, you may be billed for replacement or repair costs.

For more explanation on how to use ILL please see the An Introduction to ILL at Brown Library.