Harp Week

Provider: HarpWeek
Description: "HarpWeek enables you to directly experience the richness and historical significance of Harper's Weekly, America's leading 19th century illustrated newspaper." The following dates are available in page image format:
1857 - 1865: The Civil War Era
1866 - 1871: Reconstruction I
1872 - 1877: Reconstruction II
1878 - 1883: Gilded Age I
1884 - 1889: Gilded Age II
1890 - 1895: Gilded Age III
1896 - 1901: Gilded Age IV
1902 - 1907: Gilded Age V
1908 - 1912: Gilded Age VI
Date Coverage: 1857-1912
Subject Coverage: History
Type: Full Text Database
Full Text: Yes
Special Features: Can search by date, keyword, or use finding aids. Finding aids are indexes to geography, literary genre, occupation or role in society and special interest topics.
Access Restrictions: USF Library Patrons only. Please contact the library (815-740-5041 or refdesk@stfrancis.edu) for assistance.
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