Brown Library Mission

The mission of the University of St. Francis Library is to foster academic excellence, support Franciscan values and increase the prestige of the University of St. Francis. The Library strives to facilitate student, faculty and staff research by collecting, managing and providing equitable access to information resources that enrich and promote the history and teaching mission of the University of St. Francis. The Brown Library's indispensable information materials and services are provided with the intent to assist all users in their pursuit of growth in mind and spirit.

Brown Library Vision

The Library is the center for collected information resources that support learning and the historical tradition of Catholic and Franciscan teaching of the University of St. Francis. To this end, the Library will:

  1. Collaborate and cooperate with all users, other libraries, and the learning community to promote educated creativity and knowledge empowerment within the guidelines of the University of St. Francis Strategic Plan.
  2. Provide, for future generations, multiple formats for the digital accession of all University archival materials.
  3. Pursue new technological models of research instruction and academic outreach delivery.
  4. Encourage access and usage of all materials by any user consistent with the respectful openness of the University of St. Francis.
  5. Be an anchor of scholarly communication through the thoughtful acquisition of research and informational materials.
  6. Re-establish the idea of the Library as the "heart" of the University of St. Francis, and re-affirm the Library's true place as an intellectual, retentive and communal asset.