Proctoring Policy

As a convenience for the USF Faculty, the Brown Library offers exam proctoring. Proctoring is available all of the hours the Brown Library is open.

Proctoring services are available only for individual students during times when USF Faculty cannot accommodate testing due to scheduling conflicts. The Brown Library does not offer exam proctoring for entire classes at any time, and the service should not be used in lieu of holding class.

The Brown Library currently has sufficient staff resources to accommodate only one to two students at any one particular time. As a result, USF Faculty are recommended to plan accordingly for possible delays in service.

Because of the importance of maintaining the integrity of the exam proctoring process we ask you to follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Each faculty member in need of proctoring is asked to complete the Brown Library Proctoring Request form, indicating the name of the student, the time the student is expected to arrive for testing, the length of time the student should be allowed to take the exam, what should be done with the exam once it is complete, and any other special instructions the proctor needs for the exam. This form is available below. Forms must submitted at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. A specific date and start time are required on all requests. If the student does not take the exam within 24 hours of the specified date and time, the exam will be returned to the instructor by the library staff.
  3. The student being proctored will be seated at a table in the reference area and the reference librarian on duty will serve as the proctor. The start and end time of the exam will be noted by the exam proctor. Due to the busy nature of the Brown Library, instructors should only proctor tests that are designed in a manner that leaves students minimal room for cheating. USF Librarians cannot continually monitor students taking tests. If test creation assistance is required, please contact the Department of Academic Technology at 815-740-5080.
  4. Professors can have up to 5 tests waiting to be taken at a time. Also there can only be one test per request. If there are questions about this, please contact Library Reference & Instruction Manager, Kathleen Gomez, at 815-740-5061 or
  5. Unless otherwise instructed on the Proctoring Request form, the student will be asked to leave all belongings at the Reference Desk, keeping only a writing utensil to minimize the ability to cheat.
  6. Proctoring for students with special needs is handled by the Academic Resource Center. Please call 815-740-5060 for individual appointments.

Proctor Request Form